The Sanor® System

The complete Sanor® System starts with the Sanor® Drip Appliance that delivers detergents directly to the bowl or urinal eliminating odors at their source. Where more fragrance is desired, the Scentury Aire™ Fan Unit functions as a compliment by boosting the fragrance levels in the air. It continually delivers pleasant fragrance to the room, leaving it with a clean fresh scent.

The Sanor® Program . . . Is Simple!

1. Sanor® appliances and Scentury Fan Units are loaned and installed free of charge. You only pay for the service.

2. Rochester Midland Service Representatives fill, adjust and clean all appliances every month, at no additional cost.

3. Pre-authorized billing program makes ordering simple.

Whatever your restroom sanitation
needs are . . .



Aerosol dispenser Full digital
Wide verity of elite fragrances & no CFC . Daily service team for healthy aerosols providing digital quality dispensers for air fresheners.
Health Care
Hand san
Effective products for ensuring proper personal hygiene and securing critical areas out of microbial contamination in hospitals, schools,houses,Coffeshps,resturants, companies,...etc.
Food Safety
Food service cleaner
Food safety range of cleaners and sanitizers for food processing facilities. Professional program for smart control of food contamination in kitchens, food production lines, CIP,...etc
Toilet Hygienic Dripping System
Sanor System By Rochester Midland Corporation. U.S.A,
House Keeping
Shower Tamer
Environmental friendly cleaners, disinfectants & specialty solutions for daily house keeping practice by Rochester Midland Corp. - USA & Faber Hoist - UK
Dish wash / CIP Range
Dish wash Forte
Cost economic quality products for daily cleaning and sanitation of automated closed cleaning systems as automatic dish washers, CIP, food processing, ...etc.
Kitchen Range
Mid Land
A daily cleaning and sanitization products from Int'l manufacturer: Rochester Midland Crop. USA
Faber Hoist . UK 
specialty tools and mixing unit plus foamers from: Seko  Le Franc Bosi. France